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Integrated Justice Data Solutions, Inc. (IJS) is an Atlanta metro based company that specializes in the development of custom software applications that allow justice agencies to share information by integrating data systems.


IJS has been in operation since 2000. Over the course of the past five years IJS has successfully focused primarily on the development of data integration applications and systems for justice agencies in the State of Georgia.IJS has created custom software applications for Superior, State, Probate, Magistrate, and Juvenile courts across the State of Georgia. These applications allow these courts to electronically share information internally and with law enforcement and state agencies. This information is shared via secure internet or dedicated data connection. This eliminates the need for agencies to reside on the same local area network.


The experience, knowledge base, and skill set that we have acquired while working with these agencies in the specific field of integrated justice is invaluable and qualifies IJS as a front-runner in the list of companies that offer similar software applications and services.










Integrated Justice Data Solutions Inc